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"I attended your lovely week at Kissamos from 2 September 2014 and had never done Ashtanga yoga...did not even know it existed.... I left the week with you being totally inspired... I now do a primary led series class which is so hard but I run with it! Also doing Mysore practice.
I just wanted to say at a critical time for me you were wonderful and you allowed those around you to help me and be wonderful too.
Thank you for being there.. I know how important it is to make a difference in people's lives"
- T

"This year's retreat was even better than ever, who'd have thought that was possible! I was badly in need of a bit of 'restoration' and by the end of your magical yoga retreat I felt on top of the world! Thank you so much. Loved the yoga sessions, the camaraderie, the peace and space, the food, the massages, the fun. I think we all left wanting more!" - Kathy, Haddenham

Salute to the sun at St Katharine's

"Loved it loved it loved it!
I had such a wonderful memorable and enjoyable time in Turkey. The whole experience was joyful and Sasha's professionalism and dedication in teaching us yoga twice a day was amazing. Her sessions were well planned - a slower paced Hatha session in the morning with partner work was just what was needed and the evening Ashtanga class, although very hot and sweaty for me at times, was inspiring and put me in 'the zone' every time. We were also offered pranayama and meditation sessions. Sasha also taught us both the opening and closing Ashtanga chants - although I still need a bit of practice to say them off by heart! Sasha diving from a handstand into a lake at Dalyan
The other activities were lovely too - the soapy massage in the hamman got me squeaky clean, the 12 island boat trip was perfect in every way and the evening boat trip to the mud baths and hot sulphur spring was great fun with quiet star gazing to round it all off ...and I couldn't get enough of seeing turtles in their natural habitat!
I came home truly relaxed and rested despite having got up for yoga at 7am most days and I've gained some lovely yogi friends as well.
I'm already looking forward to Sasha's yoga holiday in Crete next year."
- Janet, Oxford

"I really enjoyed our lovely group... I had so much fun and won't forget Jonathan and Ned in the mud bath in a hurry.... star gazing was unexpected and exceptional, the hamam bath left me feeling fantastic.... And I can't believe I did four hours of yoga every day! Such must have been the combinations..... healthy food, sunshine, swimming, walking.. Oh yes and yoga.. gorgeous people, and being so looked after.
Thank you so much to everyone and especially to Sasha..., "
- Christine, Oxford

"Although I was not able to all the Yoga session I did enjoy the weekend with you all, I always find our get together so enjoyable they are a boosts to ones life. I thought the venue was great and we were well fed. Thank you for arranging a lovely weekend and all the effort you put in to it. Hopefully it will not be to long before I am able join the classes again." - Graham, Wing

"Still feeling so relaxed. What a wonderful weekend. I look forward to doing it again, variation of ashtanga included." - Gina, Aylesbury

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"You sparked a light inside me and my interest in yoga has spread and brought goodness to a range of people in my sphere. I have now found myself in a position where if I got some training may be able to bring more yoga to people I love. I have spent days searching online for a yoga school preferably in India where I can start learning how to teach the basics to others..." - A

"Seeing you do the hundreds of yoga movements brilliantly well is inspiring and challenging but your cheerfulness and great attitude make the classes so worthwhile." - Daniel, Aylesbury

"... i attribute your class to helping me have the motivation and ability to quit smoking. Many other positive seeds have been planted direct from the class.." - Ashleigh, Aylesbury

"...loved last week, truly stretching and challenging. I felt fantastic afterwards. Thanks for keeping me updated, I think you are a most inspiring teacher." - Pen, Oxford

"Thank you for an excellent class. Beautifully planned, explained and taught. The Space is lucky to have you x" - Ginny, Long Crendon

"I used to live in Oxford and I got to be introduced to yoga by you. I hope you remember me as I will never forget you for giving me the love for yoga." - Amélie, Australia

"I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your help. I really enjoyed your classes and I will surely miss them, although I'm planning to continue with my astanga practice here in Madrid." - Sonia, Madrid

"Last Sunday's Brighton Half Marathon left me sore. My shoulders, quads and Achilles tendons ached from the moment I jumped out of bed on Monday morning, and walking up and down stairs had me wincing. Today's Ashtanga Yoga session at the Yoga Garden in Oxford couldn't have come at a better time. Sasha Norton's Tuesday evening Ashtanga classes give me a great opportunity to work weekend running pains out of my system." - Alex, Oxford

"I can vouch for [Sasha's] yoga helping with marathons... will look out for Alex when I run past him in April :)" - Jonathan, Aylesbury

"You are still my inspiration Sasha" - Lynda, Johannesburg

"[Sasha's yoga class] really chills you out after work" - Vic, Reading

"Thank you for being such a great inspiration to me. Thanks to you I am really into yoga now and cannot imagine living without it" - Ania, Oxford

"I really enjoyed your Ashtanga class... my arms have just about stopped aching now!!" - Jacqui, Aylesbury

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