Some websites I've found useful:

Sasha at The Space, half lotus forward bend
All things Ashtanga, especially in Oxford. Oxford is lucky enough to have a thriving Ashtanga community and attracts top teachers from around the world
My teachers. Interested in a 300hr yoga teacher training? Try their retreat in beautiful Bali
My teachers. Interested in training to become a yoga teacher? Try their retreat in beautiful Bali
Fantastic yoga holidays with amazing yoga teachers, all over the world
All things Ashtanga, including a Moon Days calendar and workshops by officially certified teachers

Sasha at The Space, lotus shoulderstand
For all your yoga purchases. My favourite is Matthew Sweeney's Chandra Moon Sequence poster (in the Ashtanga Posters section)
Sharath - the official head of the Ashtanga Yoga school
Yoga classes in Manchester with Granville Cousins
Ayurvedic massage in Oxford with Laura, or read her blog about giving up the day job and discovering her true path in life.
Yoga classes in Oxford
What's on in Oxford - yoga in the sports and fitness section

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